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Every person on Earth deserves access to high-quality medicines. Inspired by this vision, North Life Pharma was founded and has continued to grow ever since.

Providing safe and effective medicines at affordable prices is a commitment that guides our strategy and is also the driving force behind our expansion. 

Thanks to this vision, we have significantly expanded our global presence. North Life Pharma’s operational model is now recognized in 20 countries around the world as a reliable and flexible alternative, able to meet critical needs with solid solutions.

But our expansion has not only been geographic in nature: during these years, North Life Pharma has also diversified its product portfolio, which today includes highly sophisticated drugs that use cutting-edge technology to improve human health. This offer is combined with a culture of ongoing innovation in our processes to ensure that companies and institutions receive excellent service.

Reaching more and more parts of the world with new health alternatives, we continue to advance in our mission of expanding access to quality medicines worldwide. 

Our Purpose

To expand global access to medicines and high-quality pharmaceutical solutions with affordable prices, guided by the principles of integrity and trustworthiness. This is what drives us.

We strive to become strategic partners for our clients, offering them solutions and services that exceed their expectations, working with them on a daily basis to strengthen the relationship that unites us.

Hand-in-hand with our customers, whether they be governments, companies, or other organizations, we are democratizing access to world-class medicines.

Our vision is to execute this commitment and be a global leader in the healthcare field.

Culture Focused on Quality

Here at North Life Pharma, quality is much more than just a standard: it is a culture we live by every day to ensure that patients receive world-class medicines.

We manage quality in a cross-cutting way through our Q6 system, made up of 6 fundamental elements:


Our raw materials undergo strict purity controls to ensure that the active ingredient complies with our rigorous standards.


We guarantee compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) established by the World Health Organization in the manufacturing of our products


We monitor each batch of medicine at every stage of its production and transportation.


We use tools that allow us to strictly monitor all medicines in order to identify and respond to any incident in a timely and efficient manner


North Life Pharma thoroughly reviews compliance with procedures throughout the production and logistics chain for its medicines.


We maintain a policy that ensures qualified distribution and strict compliance with the commitments assumed as regards each customer.

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