From Asia to Lima: North Life Pharma delivered thousands of medicine units to Peru

August 2, 2022
The pandemic caused a shortage of anti-cancer medicines, so the company supplied the products to the Peruvian government to ensure that they reach the public health system and the population.

North Life Pharma sent to the Republic of Peru thousands of units of different medicines in several shipments so far this year. These essential anti-cancer medicines arrived in the city of Lima, so that, from that point, the authorities can distribute them to health centers, hospitals, health institutes and facilities of state entities throughout the country.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the global trade of some products to slow down even during 2022, so the Peruvian Government ensured the arrival of medicines from different international suppliers, among them, North Life Pharma, to supply products such as: Cyclophosphamide, Doxorubicin, Ondansetron, among others. In this way, the shortage of anti-cancer products, which was looming in the country, was mitigated through the transportation, supply and distribution of medicines.

In this context, the National Center for the Supply of Strategic Health Resources (CENARES, by its Spanish acronym) highlighted the arrival of these pharmacological products in the country, because they will relieve thousands of people seeking to continue their cancer treatment. According to the Peruvian entity, these products are in addition to those acquired previously for the benefit of cancer patients, thus guaranteeing the supply for the whole year in the centers of the Ministry of Health and the Social Health Insurance (Essalud). “The acquisition of the medicines is part of the fulfillment of the Government’s commitments to the health of Peruvians, so patients and their families should have the peace of mind of knowing that these products are arriving to treat cancer,” according to CENARES.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health is supervising the distribution of the medicines so that they reach the people who need them most in the national territory. From the ministerial department they stated: 

"The different medicines are already being distributed nationwide in specialized places. And we are also supplying the Health Insurance, taking care of them free of charge."

In this way, North Life Pharma committed to continue working to supply the Peruvian and Latin American market with medicines for different diseases, as well as with the highest quality standards and in a timely manner.


CENARES stated that “With this, the supply is guaranteed for the whole year in the centers of the Ministry of Health and for the support provided to the Social Health Insurance.”

The Ministry of Health emphasized that “The different medicines are already being distributed nationwide in the specialized places.”


More than 500,000 oncological medicine and supply units were recently delivered by North Life Pharma to the Peruvian Government.