North Life Pharma delivered about twenty COVID-19-related products in record time

May 27, 2022
Elderly and chronically ill people are the main beneficiaries of the distribution. The medicines delivered are used for the treatment of patients out of danger and for those in serious condition.

The COVID-19 pandemic cornered the whole world during 2020 and 2021, so laboratories sought to develop and distribute in the fastest, but professional way, the various medicines to combat this disease. In this sense, North Life Pharma launched to the market in record time about 20 products that have different functions to treat the symptomatology and thus provide therapeutic support to patients.

The company informed that these medicines mainly help in the treatment of serious patients, of any age and social condition, but they emphasize that the greatest beneficiaries are the most vulnerable segments of the population, either because of their advanced age or because they have chronic diseases that can complicate the clinical picture.

They also explained that some of the medicines have shown promising results in the treatment of COVID-19 patients in serious condition, while other medicines are used as support and are very necessary for the treatment of this virus. For example, there are anesthetics such as Propofol, sedatives such as Midazolam or Atracurium Besylate used during the pandemic mainly to intubate patients in the intensive care unit. There is also the group of medicines that are used for other diseases and have shown interesting results against this in clinical studies conducted by some countries, so they have decided to use them in patients. One of them is Hydroxychloroquine, which was initially used in the treatment against malaria.

The company stated that, “we have responded in the fastest and most effective way to the global emergency. Our customers are satisfied, so we will continue on this path of efficiency and quality, but above all to protect the health of people at risk. Currently, although a lower demand for these medicines is expected this year, they will continue to be essential for the treatment of the serious cases of COVID-19 that are still appearing, as well as for the treatment of all other pathologies that are considered.”

All the medicines distributed come from pharmaceutical manufacturers with many years of experience, in addition to complying with all the quality standards established by the World Health Organization (WHO). Some of the products that North Life Pharma distributed efficiently are the following:

  • 10mg/ml (2.5ml) Atracurium Besylate Vial
  • 250mg Azithromycin Tablet / Capsule
  • 500mg Azithromycin Vial
  • 100mg/ml (2ml) Dexmedetomidine Vial
  • 40mg/0.4ml Enoxaparin Pre-filled Syringe
  • 200mg Favipiravir Tablet / Capsule
  • 400mg Favipiravir Tablet / Capsule
  • 05mg/ml (2ml) Fentanyl Solution for Injection in Vial (Revised)
  • 200mg Hydroxychloroquine Tablet / Capsule
  • 02mg/dose 200mcg Ipratropium Bromide Inhaler
  • 25 mg/ml (20ml) Ipratropium Bromide Solution for Inhaler
  • (10ml) Ivermectin 1% Vial
  • 125mg Methylprednisolone Vial
  • 40mg Methylprednisolone Vial
  • 5mg/ml (3ml) Midazolam Solution for Injection in Vial (Controlled)
  • 200mg Molnupiravir Capsule
  • 10mg/ml (20ml) Propofol Vial
  • 100 mg/Vial Remdesivir
  • 10mg/ml (5ml) Rocuronium Bromide Vial

North Life Pharma products are manufactured in certified manufacturing plants that comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) established by WHO, which in some cases also have GMP issued by other countries considered of high surveillance by WHO. Tests and evaluations are carried out at each stage to guarantee the effectiveness of the finished product.


North Life Pharma stated that, “we have responded in the fastest and most effective way to the global emergency. Our customers are satisfied.”


North Life Pharma has managed to distribute close to 20 types of COVID-19 medicines in 2021.